MindMotion PRO™
Increase upper limb neurorehabilitation as early as 4 days after a neurological injury
MindMotion PRO is the first neurorehabilitation device designed for early bedside use when the ability of the brain to recover is highest. MindMotion PRO integrates MindMotion™ technology to provide intensive therapeutic training based on evidence-based motor rehabilitation treatment practices: (1) action observation (2) mirror therapy (3) motor imagery (4) constraint-induced movement therapy, aimed at increasing the neural activity in the affected brain.
MindMotion PRO helps to increase the rehabilitation dose cost effectively. Simple set-up saves valuable time for therapists.
Enables training as early as four
days post-neurological injury
Task-specific training
Easy to set up and suitable
for bedside use
Tracks patient’s
performance over time
Patient Screen
3D Motion Tracking
Therapist Touch Screen
3 Hour Battery Life