MindMotion™ GO
Augment your patient’s motivation to increase rehabilitation dose and intensity
MindMotion GO brings gamified neurorehabilitation developed by neuroscientists for specialists, built from the ground up to meet user needs and based on a deep understanding of the neuro-therapeutic context.

A first-of-its-kind mobile neurorehabilitation therapy system, MindMotion GO comes with a large variety of gamified engaging activities covering motor and task functions. Thanks to the motivating effects of the 3D virtual environment, early results suggest an increased patient engagement and adherence to therapy.
MindMotion™ GO
We have designed MindMotion GO specifically to keep your patients training longer, helping you to increase therapy dose and recovery potential.

MindMotion GO offers real-time audio and visual feedback, to help you to assess progress and tailor therapy to patient performance. So your patients see where they are going and how far they have come, each small step of the way.

What’s more, MindMotion GO comes with best in class user experience, which means you can do more for your patients without working more.

Set up, calibrate and play in less than 5 minutes to start your patients on their rehabilitation session while facilitating your case management!

Designed to be utilized in a clinical environment on an inpatient or outpatient basis, MindMotion GO is currently available in European markets and is cleared by the US FDA.

It has been trialed by more than 1300 patients across dozens of therapy centers in the UK, Italy, Germany and Switzerland.
Motivate and engage
patients in daily rehabilitation
Large variety of
engaging activities
Train complete range of
body parts
Calibrate to patient’s
range of motion
Real-time compensatory
Track patient’s performance
over time
Suitable for practice
and home settings
Virtual environments
How MindMotion™ GO helped Andy achieve his rehabilitation goals
Five years after suffering a stroke, Andy explains how using MindMotion GO helped him step up his endurance and balance training to achieve his goal of running in the Marathon des Sables.