The MindMotion™ products are developed and powered by MindMaze

Founded in 2012 and with offices in Lausanne, Switzerland and San Francisco USA, MindMaze’s mission is to find new ways to capture and employ brain activity to solve complex problems with the power of neuroscience and computing .

We are pioneering a breakthrough computing platform that captures brain activity upon intent, creating a new operating system for computers. Based on a decade of rigorous testing in the healthcare industry, MindMaze is designing an intuitive mind/machine interface, which utilizes pre real-time decoding of brain signals. Its innovations are poised to transform industries, starting with healthcare and gaming.

Our Healthcare division is developing neurotechnology solutions based on virtual environments, proprietary 3D motion tracking and brain monitoring technologies. We partner with healthcare companies to harness the power of the brain to deepen human/machine interaction, with advanced programmes in restorative neuroscience and neurorehabilitation solutions.

We have developed the MindMotion™ neurorehabilitation platform to deliver neuroscience-rooted motor rehabilitation exercises aimed at activating targeted neural pathways (e.g., for a cortical lesion, activation around perilesional area) and balancing the interhemispheric brain activity. This is because a neurological insult (such as stroke or traumatic brain injury) results in an imbalanced interhemispheric activity due to inhibitory pathways, whereby the lesioned or damaged side of the brain side gets weaker, while the intact side gets stronger.

The MindMotion™ neurorehabilitation platform uses camera-based motion tracking technology and virtual environments to provide advanced motor rehabilitation. The training is enhanced by interactive exercises that exploit reinforcement learning principles, increasing motivation and hence voluntary repetitions, which is a key ingredient for recovery through use dependent neuroplasticity. The motion tracking system allows precise quantification of patients’ movements, allowing measuring of treatment dose and adherence.

Our team consist of highly educated, passionate and engaged employees from over 14 countries with expertise spanning restorative neuroscience, neurotechnology, brain-computer interface (BCI), robotics, computing, game design, organizational design, medical marketing and business development. All of our employees are higher committed, believe in the work they do, and have a vested interest in the success of MindMaze.

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